Here's how you end self-betrayal, toxic relationships, and generational trauma.

Here's how you end self-betrayal, toxic relationships, and generational trauma.

I will teach the tools of therapy coupled with the power of spirituality to heal your trauma as a member of Love U. 

 ✔ Learn the step-by-step formula to repair wounds that create depressive
emotions, loneliness, unworthiness, and the pattern of dysfunctional relationships

 ✔ Explore your attachment style or your patterns in romantic relationships 

 ✔ Breakup with the pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable, irresponsible, or critical partners

 ✔ Get to the root of your unconscious addiction to drama and chaos 

 ✔ Breakthrough the fear of being loved and the fear of being left to practice vulnerability

 ✔ Uncover how the emotional unavailability of your parents creates dysfunctional patterns 

 Unpack and de-weaponize your emotional triggers so you can learn emotional maturity 

 ✔  Commit to honoring and practicing unconditional self-love

 ✔ Unravel your subconscious patterns self-betrayal, self-neglect, and self-abuse

 ✔ Learn mindfulness to decrease stress, emotional triggers, and learned trauma responses 

  Understand and transform the constant, critical, shaming inner voice of perfectionism

 Repair and re-build your relationship with your children to create a new legacy built of love

 ✔ Learn self-therapy to identify and heal the parts of your multiple personalities

 ✔ Discern the difference between your ego/shadow and your SELF/Soul/Higher-Self 

 ✔ Heal and re-build your relationship with your inner child through re-parenting 

 ✔ Learn healthy ways to deal with your feelings and uncomfortable emotions 

 ✔ Discover your true needs and develop the capacity for honest communication to get your needs met

 ✔ Breakup with the people-pleasing and self-sacrifice that sabotages your life and your relationships

 ✔ Learn how to transform your critic into an inner protector/authority/champion/guide

 ✔ Identify and practice healthy vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and emotional maturity 

 ✔ Heal the fear of abandonment, momma trauma, and father wounds 

 Cultivate unconditional self-worth and build better boundaries

 Practice Unapologetic Self-love

 Live and love authentically without fear, guilt, and shame

 Unconditional self-appreciation is a way of life because you embrace imperfectection

 ✔ Honor your superpower of vulnerability, honest self-expression, and emotional boundaries

 ✔ Release victim consciousness that blocks abundance, purpose, and passion

 ✔ Practice the stages of trust to build healthy lasting bonds 

 ✔ Recognize boundary resistance and develop healthy boundaries in every area of life

 ✔ Understand the basic guidelines to create and establish limits with yourself and others

 ✔ Practice trusting others because you trust yourself and enjoy having healthy relationships

 ✔ Embrace your feminine and masculine energy to balance receiving and healthy self-protection

 Deepen your trust in God through honoring your faith and connecting to your soul

 ✔ RECEIVE and allow more peace, love, acceptance, connection, and joy in your life

Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Learn how to Love U.

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The Love Revolution is Based in Science:

 Psychological Trauma Research

 Neurobiology of Trauma

 Evidence-based psychotherapy

 Relational Trauma Research

 Complex Trauma Research

 Attachment theory

 Internal Family Systems

 Relationship Science

✔ Cognitive Behavior Therapy

 Neuro-linguistic Programming

 Polyvagal Therapy

 Narrative Therapy

 Parts Psychology





 Spiritual Principles

Your healing requires you to study U. You’ll major in self-knowledge and minor in self-awareness with the required elective of self-compassion. It’s time you learn how to truly respect, honor, and Love U!

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