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Are You Ready to Learn How to Love U?

Self-love is Learned and Self-Worth is a Decision. Make Yours Today.

Flex Your Confidence

Get to the root of why you struggle in love and discover how trauma has shaped your identity

Level Up Your Self-Worth

Discover the root of unworthiness and the ways and the blocks to loving relationships

Detox Your Relationships

Explore the cause of failed relationships and identify the blocks to intimacy and connection

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Here’s What You'll Learn:

Identify the Hidden Blocks to Your Superpower of Self-love

 āœ” Identify the impact of trauma on your life and relationships
 āœ” Understand your attraction to emotionally unavailable, irresponsible, or critical partners
 āœ” Explore the evidence of why your trauma isn’t your fault, but is your responsibility

Discover the Root of Your Unworthiness & Struggle Love

 āœ” Learn why it feels hard to change negative emotions and self-sabotage
 āœ” Unpack your emotional triggers and how you’re manipulated by them
 āœ”Understand your attraction to emotionally unavailable, irresponsible, or critical partner

Discern the Crazy Makers Who Trigger Your Trauma & Fear

 āœ” Identify the characteristics of toxic individuals who trigger your fear and insecurities
 āœ” Find your “relationship traps” that create the cycles of failed or painful relationships
 āœ” Identify the behaviors that trigger mistrust, unworthiness, or abandonment

Lemme Introduce Myself!


I’m Cerita Yvonne.

I don't give advice...

I teach science.

I'm an educated and validated Relational Trauma Expert, an unapologetic half hood & half holy Trauma Coach, and a phenomenal therapist. YASSS, I have receipts for these degrees and I'm excited to give you (for FREE) the tools to understand why you might struggle when it comes to relationships- including the one you have with yourself. I’m not going to give you opinions about what you're doing wrong or how to get a man. I don't pretend to be a guru or play dress-up as an image consultant. I’ve spent decades and plenty of dollars learning about dysfunction, breakdown, and breakthroughs. We are being called to end generational curses and I was born ready…are you? The Love U Challenge is designed to help you discover the REAL you because honesty is a requirement of self-love!

We Have Receipts! Here’s What The Love U Challengers Had to Say…

Iā€™m Ready For My Transformation!

You’ll be….

Supported: The Love U Challenge is unlike others. You will learn more about yourself in 5 days than you have from school, church, and heaux seasons. Self-discovery is an act of self-love.

Respected: You've gone’ learn why you deserve love, forgiveness, miracles, joy. It’s time to reclaim your innocence because the pain you’ve worked so hard to avoid ain’t your fault.

Encouraged: Imma get you all the way together! You aren’t alone. You’ll learn how to accept support, kindness, and care from women who know your pain and your path.

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You Don’t Have to Get Ready For Healing If You Stay Ready.

Who is Ready is The Love U Challenge For? Come Through if You Are:

 Want an unfiltered understanding of trauma
Really to allow yourself to love and be love
 Tired of toxic relationships on repeat
 Committed to Healing
 Want a deeper spiritual relationship
 Aren’t offended by good cussin’
 Want to have healthy relationships and deeper intimacy
 Prepared to Burn Your Cape
 Searching. You've tried therapy, books, classes, coaching, and a million affirmations but you're still stuck and struggle in love

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What Will Your Love U Testimony Be?