We're family so I might as well let you in on a few of my well-known secrets. I believe we all have stories within us that are painful. For those unwilling to own the responsibility of telling the truth, those stories become the scripts that run you and your relationships. My love life was void of love and I was kinda toxic, but I could not give up on myself.  I learned how to take control of the production of my life. I'm not perfect, but I chose to be the STAR, the writer, the producer, the casting director, and the editor- because I control my perception and the people in my life.
Healing my trauma gave me the tools to step into my breakout role teaching revolutionary self-love. 


I'm every Black woman.

I learned to love me! I’m an educated and validated relational trauma expert, a half hood and half holy psychotherapist, and a phenomenal trauma coach.

I was born a statistic. 

I struggled with sexual abuse, emotional neglect, poverty, unworthiness, and the helpless feeling of being voiceless and purposeless. 

I searched for love, money, status, and happiness...but I never knew peace until I healed ME. Therapy taught me all the things I didn't know how to address my denial and pain. I learned how to connect with my soul in the simplest way using science. I was astounded by how confident I felt to be able to tap into my own wisdom and self-compassion. 

I healed my trauma with the same therapy I will teach you, and the best part is you can apply it without having to re-live the past.

Healing changes everything, but nothing had to change in order for me to be happy. I was different when I KNEW I was complete. I lost the attraction to needing to be needed, low-key self-destruction, needing to be right, and inserting myself in people’s lives so I could be seen.

Peace is my new drug. My identity and relationships have been transformed. The voice I had been looking for came with a sense of respect I had never known. I FOUND ME. Self-love peeled away all the layers of trauma that caused me to forget my magnificence.

That’s why I created Love University because too many Black women are struggling in relationships with themselves and those they love. It's time we make healing a lifestyle, lead with love, and own our power. 

Here’s how I’ve spent a small fortune on education:

Masters Degree in Social Work

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional I

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II

Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Trauma Treatment

Mindfulness Stress Based Response Certification

Healing Toxic Shame with Trauma Survivors

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Anger Management Certification

Neuro-linguistics Certification

Intuition Development Program

Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training

Internal Family System Exiles Training

Treating Adult Clients of Emotionally Immature Parents

Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems

Healing the Inner Critic using Internal Family Systems

Basic Internal Family System Principles

Written Exposure Therapy for Trauma Survivors