Heal From Toxic Relationships and Love Yourself Unapologetically

For Black WomenWomen of Color, and Allies 

 Learn How To Love Without Losing Yourself, Know Your Worth, And Become Whole


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Heal From
Relationships and Love Yourself Unapologetically

For Black WomenWomen of Color, and Allies 

 Learn How To Love Without Losing Yourself, Embrace Your Worthiness, And Become Whole

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Are You Ready To Stop Going Through The Motions?

You think you can "fix" yourself. Instead of healing your heart after disappointment and secret depression, you apply the trend of fake it 'till you make it, put on a glitter mask complete with hair and lashes, and a customized superwoman cape all while telling yourself that you ‘gone be aiight’ because you’re strong. Right?


You Don’t Have To Struggle Alone In Silence Feeling Stuck and Broken Dealing With the Aftermath of Toxic Relationships.

You’ve been battling yourself and it’s time to declare peace and own your power so you can…

 Breakthrough the devastating patterns of attracting narcissists, manipulators, and struggle-love bandits who break your heart 

 Stop feeling alone, ashamed, exhausted, and depleted

 Quit pretending and hiding feelings of overwhelm, stuckness, and brokenness actin' like you ain't sick and tired

 Put an end to the lie of being unworthy, unloveable, and feeling like you're not enough

 Stop ignoring glaring red flags, blatant boundary violations, and excusing disrespect

 Breakup with settling for half-assed relationships and seat-fillers because you KNOW you deserve better

 Finally, eliminate the sabotaging beliefs that have you feelin’ helpless and powerless thinking you need to earn love, validation, and respect


Join The Relationship Detox

I’m Not Saying It’ll Be Easy, Because It’s Not.

You feel low-key desperate and lost because you’ve been raised and praised to self-sacrifice and trained to people-please. You give everything and receive very little in return. You constantly feel alone, unheard, and dismissed. You’ve felt ashamed because the relationships you desperately desire continue to fail, but it’s not your fault.

You Don’t Realize That Toxic Relationships Are Trauma and It Looks Like:


 Toxic or narcissistic partners who manipulate, gaslight, and disrespect you and blame you for the abuse 

 Abandonment or betrayal by someone you love, trust, or depend on leaving you feeling powerless, unheard, and invisible

 Having your thoughts, needs, and feelings rejected, shamed, or constantly ignored

 Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that was never treated, acknowledged or validated

 Growing up with dysfunctional, addicted, violent, or over-protective parents who are M.I.A on the regular

 Parents who gave you everything you needed, but emotionally they were shut down, invalidating, or shaming 

 Never feeling safe, protected, respected, or nurtured

 Any relational violation that disrupts your sense of trust and safety in the world

You Love Hard.

You’re doing all of the things – being a "good" girl high-key people-pleasing, settling, begging, sacrificing, praying, saying 5,389 affirmations a day, pretending to read all the books (but you actually skim and rarely take the time to do the exercises).  You listen to every podcast (even the fake relationship coaches who are full of trauma and attachment wounds) on YouTube – and you’re still struggling in love.

The truth is: All of the loyalty or toxic positivity in the world won’t fix your relationships.  Quick fixes only guarantee temporary results- including waiting on God because you're too impatient and struggle with being alone- so you resort to self-medication. Everything you've tried amounts to Band-Aids.

You need that permanent Gorilla Glue kinda healing…

It’s Time You Heal and Stop Making Excuses So You Can:


 Finally, be happy for no reason other than you love who you're becoming

 Receive and embrace being loved, supported, powerful, and visible

 Experience feeling whole and peaceful because you love yourself unapologetically

 Stop feeling ashamed, insecure, disappointed, and low-key jealous because you've reclaimed your voice and your worth

 Confidently pursue your purpose while creating more love, connection, and intimacy in your life because your spirit is a whole vibe

 Learn how to heal your fear, anxiety, hopelessness, shame, and loneliness, and enjoy being yourSELF

 Get to know the God in you and awaken a deeper spiritual connection that feeds your soul and nurtures your heart

 Stop believing vulnerability is a weakness so you can open your heart to love and give yourself the love you deserve

 Respect yourself, your feelings, your needs, and become the essence of relationship goals

 Create a legacy of love and healing making your ancestors proud because you are their wildest dreams


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You can make these changes too, just like Ursula :

Here’s What Ursula Said About Her Transformation:


"Before working with Cerita I had several dead-end relationships. It always ended the same way... UNFULFILLING. I never took the time to figure out why. Instead, I would start another relationship to "heal" from the last, but it really was a toxic cycle. Cerita taught me to identify why I was attracted to the same type of man, and it was my trauma. Deep inside my soul... I didn't even like them! I did the work and got to the root of why I stayed in these toxic relationships. The whole time I thought it was my partner(s), but it was really ME. I started to learn/love my true authentic self, I set boundaries, I found my voice, changed careers after 25 years, and now I’m living my purpose helping others to heal as a mental wellness advocate. Toxic relationships are no longer appealing and I have a completely different outlook on life."

Ursula B. - Founder of Black Girls Getting Their Shift Together

Like Ursula, You Can Transform Your Life And Relationships. True Love Is On The Other Side Of Healing.

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The Relationship Detox

The Detox is a monthly membership for extraordinary women who are ready to heal after toxic relationships and escape the trauma that’s spiraling their love life out of control. You’ll learn how to do a deep cleanse and heal generational trauma, burn your cape, stop allowing disrespect, and love yourself wholly and completely so you can create the happy relationships and unconditional self-worth you deserve. 

Know Your Worth

Identify your emotional triggers, reclaim your worthiness, and your soul

Know How to Be Loved

Explore your attachment style and unpack your B.S. Belief Systems

Know Who You Are

Become whole, find your voice, and love yourself unapologetically

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Here’s What You Get.

Because we know you are skeptical as hell.

The Relationship "RecoverME" Recovery  


$119/mo or $65/biweekly

Total value = $600 a month

  • 7-Day for $7.00 Trial 
  • Full Access to The Relationship Detox 
  • Weekly live  group coaching sessions
  • Classes are Tuesday at 7:00 PM ET/ 6:00 CT/ 5:00 MT/ 4:00 PT 
  • On-demand access to the student library with over 100+ hours of group therapy and self-therapy classes, worksheets, journal prompts, and group coaching sessions
  • The best-researched backed trauma education to heal from trauma, toxic relationships, and narcissistic abuse
  • A safe and supportive online community
  • Invites to bonus live group coaching session 
  • Access to the Write Relationship Book Club 
  • BONUS: Discover Your Painful Relationships Patterns + Why They Feel Hard to Change
  • BONUS: Learn Why You Are Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Partners
  • BONUS: Get to The Root of Feeling Stuck, Unworthy, and Overwhelmed
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What's The Difference?

Relationship Detox

The Relationship Detox includes 2 life-changing group therapy sessions a month on topics related to trauma and healing from toxic relationships. This group coaching can be compared to the shallow end of a pool.  You’ll begin learning how to "swim" or heal without overwhelming your body and your mind. You’ll gain the knowledge to break the cycles of heartbreak, decrease your triggers, and increase your emotional maturity. You'll learn the basic skills you need to have healthy relationships.

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Relationship "RecoverME" Recovery

Relationship Recovery includes The Relationship Detox Program and over 100 hours of group therapy lectures. This community meets weekly and kinda like the deep end of a pool. This group is for you if you're ready to "dive in" because you're further along in your healing journey or you've tried almost everything but still struggle with authentic self-love, self-worth, boundaries, or maintaining healthy relationships. This process will help you heal deeper, faster, and with more support and community accountability.

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Here's What You'll Learn:

 Practice H.O.P.E. The 12-Step Blueprint to Audacious Liberation and Unapologetic Self-love

Step 1: Cultivate Unlimited Self-Worth + Uncompromising Self-Respect + Unbreakable Confidence

 Step 2: Identify Sabatoging Emotional Triggers + Trauma Responses
 Step 3: Unpack Negative B.S. Belief Systems + Learn Self-Forgiveness to Release Guilt + Shame
 Step 4: Make Healing a Lifestyle by Practicing Unconditional Self-Acceptance + Fearless Authenticity 


Step 5: Set Boundaries + Love Without Losing Yourself

 Step 6: Explore Your Attachment Style + Love Blueprint to Learn Emotional Maturity
 Step 7: Stop Settling + Raise Your Standards + Create Safe Secure Healthy Relationships
 Step 8: Practice Unwavering Self-trust + Emotional Intimacy + Transformative Vulnerability


Step 9: Restore Feeling Loved + Whole + Complete

 Step 10: Detox Your Relationship With Yourself + Prioritize Your Needs
 Step 11: Reparent Yourself + Heal Your Inner Child to Find Your Voice
 Step 12: Recover Your True Self LOVE to Reclaim Your Joy + Freedom+ Inner Peace

Get to Know me!  I’m so excited to meet you.

My name is Cerita Yvonne. I’m a relational trauma therapist, teacher, coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and hypnotherapist. I’m also a recovered codependent love addict, perfectionist, sexual abuse survivor, and retired superwoman transformed into a powerful human being. For too long I wore a cape that I inherited from strong women who were secretly heartbroken. 

I created The Relationship Detox because I know that so many Black women are struggling with the same dis-ease of disappointment, loneliness, and perfectly hidden depression while pretending to be strong. It doesn’t have to be this way, I can’t wait to teach you how to heal, enjoy life, and embrace being LOVED again. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Always in love,



Save me a seat sis!


This group is a safe space for BLACK WOMEN and ALL WOMEN HEALING TRAUMA.


Here’s where shit’s gonna get real. We discuss relationships and race because it’s all related to our trauma and identity. We will NOT explain, diminish, pretend or silence ourselves to make anyone else comfortable. We are not here to teach how we’ve been impacted by racism. If you prefer denial or compliant Black folk, this is NOT the group for you.

Together we can change our world and dismantle The Patriarchy. 


This group is NOT for you if:

 You're anti-Black or anti-woke

You don’t understand why Black women and WOC need a safe space to heal

 You’ve done ZERO work to understand structural, systemic, and cultural racism

 You say you don’t see color because it means you don't see the WHOLE person 

 You prefer to say All Lives Matter without understanding the significance

 You think Black people should just “get over slavery already”

 You don’t understand how racism hurts EVERYONE

 You have bi-racial children and you want someone to teach you about racism

 You’re a Karen and you don’t know when to mind your business

 You don’t believe you have white privilege and think that all of your success is based on merit alone

 You don’t listen to the lived experience of Black folks

 You're just curious and have no real interest in healing, loving, and connecting

 You're uncomfortable talking about the hard truths of trauma, racism, privilege, and white fragility 

 You’re not interested in creating a legacy of love

 You don’t wish to be extraordinary and work to dismantle the LIE of white supremacy and make this world a better place for ALL of our children

Our Community Is Perfect For You If…

 You are ready to become extraordinary and do the deep work to heal
 You want to be apart of a community of dope ass women who are serious about love
 You have a history of toxic, unhealthy, or soul-sucking relationships
 You’ve experienced trauma, abuse, or emotional neglect
 You’re a martyr, superwoman, or fixer and you’re ready to retire and enjoy life
 You want to create, attract, or maintain healthy and loving relationships
 You’ve been looking for a tribe who will love you through your journey
 You are ready to know your worth and become whole
 You want to leave a legacy of love


Our Community is NOT for you if…

 You can’t understand why Black women need a SAFE space to heal and you are committed to respecting our boundaries
 You don’t understand how racism impacts our lives, relationships, and identity
 You hate cussin’ or people being authentically human
 You’re looking for Duct Tape, Band-aids, and Bungee cords to solve your problems
 You’re judgmental, shaming, and dismissive and you already know everything
 You believe people should pray away their trauma
 You didn’t read and understand the message to NON-BLACK folks
 You believe everyone else needs to change in order for you to be happy 
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