Master the Art of High Value Relationships and Embrace the Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity

For Women Who Want Fulfilling Partnerships and Genuine Connections

 Learn How To Love Without Being Guarded, Hyper-Independant, or Sacrificing Your Boundaries and Needs

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Master the Art of High Value Relationships and Embrace the Power of Vulnerability and Authenticity

For Women Who Want Fulfilling Partnerships and Genuine Connections

 Learn How To Love Without Being Guarded, Hyper-Independant, or Sacrificing Your Boundaries and Needs

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Are You Ready To Stop Going Through The Motions?

You think you can "fix" yourself and your relationships Instead of healing your heart after disappointment and secret depression, you apply the trend of fake it 'till you make it. You put on a glitter mask complete with hair and lashes, and a customized superwoman cape all while telling yourself that you ‘gone be aiight’ because you’re strong. Right?


You Don’t Have To Struggle In Silence Trying To Thug It Out Alone.

You’ve been battling yourself and it’s time to declare peace and own your power so you can…

 Breakthrough the devastating patterns sabotaging relationships and wondering why your relationships fail.

 End Isolation and Lack of Connection: Put an end to feeling isolated and disconnected, despite your outward independence, by forming deeper and more meaningful connections with others.

 Eliminate Insecurity and Self-Doubt: Stop battling with insecurity and self-doubt, and put an end to constantly seeking validation from others to fill the void within.

 Establish Healthy Boundaries: Say goodbye to blurred boundaries and resentment caused by prioritizing others' needs over your own, leading to feeling drained and unfulfilled in your relationships.

 Break Free from Perfectionism Paralysis: Release yourself from the grip of perfectionism, and stop being paralyzed by the fear of failure, allowing yourself to take risks and pursue your passions without fear of judgment.

 Escaping the Cycle of Codependency: Break the cycle of codependency that keeps you trapped in seeking validation from others, only to end up feeling more depleted and unworthy.

  Relieve Emotional Strain: Alleviate the emotional strain of constantly neglecting your own needs and carrying the burdens of others, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and emotionally drained.

 Finally, Conquer Your Fear of Vulnerability: Overcome the fear of vulnerability that holds you back from authentic connections, and break free from the belief that revealing your true self will only lead to rejection and abandonment.


I Want Worthe Relationships

I’m Not Saying It’ll Be Easy, Because It’s Not.

You feel low-key desperate and lost because you’ve been raised and praised to self-sacrifice and trained to people-please. You give everything and ask for nothing because you've been taught to perfrom, achieve, and succeed despite all obstacles. You "make it happen" alone because you trust no one. As a result, you constantly feel alone, unheard, and dismissed. Superwomen like you are taught to hide all shame - especially when the relationships you desperately desire continue to fail, but it’s not your fault.

You Don’t Realize That Your Hyper-Independence is a Trauma Response and it Looks Like This:


You take pride in your ability to handle things on your own, often shouldering heavy burdens without seeking support.  You end up feeling burntout and alone, yet you feel the pressure to prove your strength at all costs.

You hold yourself to extremely high standards and fear failure or criticism. This drive for perfection can attract the narcs and manipulators because you push youself to overwork and strive for excellence in every aspect of your life, creating undue stress and anxiety.

Despite your independence, you struggle with setting boundaries and prioritizing your own needs because you feel responsible for the well-being of others and you find it challenging to say no or assert yourself in relationships.

You are admired for your strength and resilience. You've learned to persevere in the face of adversity and take pride in your ability to overcome obstacles and thrive- and yet you secretly feel unworthy and unimportant. 

You feel the pressure to embody the stereotype of the "Superwoman" who is unbreakable and self-sacrificing. The cape can be empowering, it will also limit your potential and stifle your relationships because it prevents you from seeking help or showing vulnerability.

 Hyper-independent superwomen avoid relying on others and appear incredibly strong and self-sufficient which can attract narcissists who seek to break down that strength to feel superior.

If you want healthy, balanced, and loving relationships you must learn healthy interdependence. 

Healing hyper-independence does not mean losing autonomy or independence. Instead, it empowers you to make conscious choices about when to lean on others and when to stand strong on your own. This autonomy allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in navigating relationships and life challenges. This my sisters is true EMPOWERMENT. 

You Love Hard.

You’re doing all of the things – being a "good" girl high-key people-pleasing, settling, begging, sacrificing, praying, saying 5,389 affirmations a day, pretending to read all the books (but you actually skim and rarely take the time to do the exercises).  You listen to every podcast (even the fake relationship coaches who are full of trauma and attachment wounds) on YouTube – and you’re still struggling in love.

The truth is: All of the loyalty or toxic positivity in the world won’t fix your relationships.  Quick fixes only guarantee temporary results- including waiting on God because you're too impatient and struggle with being alone- so you resort to self-medication. Everything you've tried amounts to Band-Aids.

You need that permanent Gorilla Glue kinda healing…

It’s Time You Heal and Stop Making Excuses So You Can:


 Reclaim Your Power: When you heal your hyper-independence, you reclaim your power to engage authentically in relationships, fostering a deeper sense of self and connection with others.

 Emotional Resilience: By becoming emotionally intelligent, you gain the tools to navigate complex emotions with grace and resilience, fostering healthier communication and understanding in your relationships.

  Empowered Boundaries: Setting clear boundaries empowers you to honor your needs and values, fostering mutual respect and understanding in your interactions with others. 

 Build Trust: Learning how to trust yourself and others creates a foundation of security and intimacy in your relationships, allowing for deeper connections and authentic vulnerability.

 Courageous Vulnerability: Practicing vulnerability with courage and authenticity cultivates intimacy and empathy, creating space for genuine connection and emotional growth in your relationships.

 Authentic Connection: As you heal and grow, you'll experience more authentic and meaningful connections with others, fostering a sense of belonging and support in your relationships.

 Fulfilling Relationships: Ultimately, healing your hyper-independence, developing emotional intelligence, setting boundaries, trusting, and embracing vulnerability will lead to more fulfilling and enriching relationships, where you can truly thrive and experience the love and connection you deserve.


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You can make these changes too, just like Ursula :

Here’s What Ursula Said About Her Transformation:


"Before working with Cerita I had several dead-end relationships. It always ended the same way... UNFULFILLING. I never took the time to figure out why. Instead, I would start another relationship to "heal" from the last, but it really was a toxic cycle. Cerita taught me to identify why I was attracted to the same type of man, and it was my trauma. Deep inside my soul... I didn't even like them! I did the work and got to the root of why I stayed in these toxic relationships. The whole time I thought it was my partner(s), but it was really ME. I started to learn/love my true authentic self, I set boundaries, I found my voice, changed careers after 25 years, and now I’m living my purpose helping others to heal as a mental wellness advocate. Toxic relationships are no longer appealing and I have a completely different outlook on life."

Ursula B. - Founder of Black Girls Getting Their Shift Together

Like Ursula, You Can Transform Your Life And Relationships. True Love Is On The Other Side Of Healing.

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Worthe Relationships

Worthe Relationships is a monthly membership for extraordinary women who are ready to break through the patterns that’s spiraling their love life out of control. You’ll learn essential relationship skills to create high value relationships and the emotional maturity that is required to create healthy mutually beneficial bonds. You'll learn how to stop all disrespect through boundary setting, communication, and assertiveness. You will gain tools to help you become a better person, partner, and parent because you'll become more resilient, vulnerable, happy, and secure on purpose! If you want a quality eduction on love, this class is for you. You can learn how to love yourself wholly and completely so you can create the happy relationships and unconditional self-worth you deserve. 

Set Bold Boundaries

Know your worth. Learn your limits, identify your standards, and raise your expectations to set and bold boundaries

 Healthy Interdependence

Identify and communicate your well-being and relationship needs to create fulfilling partnerships and genuine connections

Emotional Maturity

Drop the mask and reclaim your feelings to regulate your emotions and communicate with emotional maturity

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Here’s What You Get.

Because we know you are skeptical as hell.

Worthe Relationships




Total value = $300 a month


Here's What You'll Learn:

  • 2 Masterclasses Every Month on Thursdays @ 8:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM CT/ 6:00 PM MT / 5:00 PM PT 
  • Unleash Your True Self: Embrace authenticity and unlock the power of your unique identity to foster genuine connections and attract deeper, more meaningful relationships.
  • Break Free from Isolation: Heal the wounds of hyper-independence and rediscover the beauty of interdependence, cultivating a supportive network of friends and loved ones who uplift and empower you.
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Take control of your personal space and well-being by setting clear boundaries, allowing you to protect your energy and invest it in relationships that truly nourish your soul.
  • Navigate Emotions with Ease: Develop emotional intelligence skills to understand, express, and manage your feelings effectively, fostering smoother communication and deeper empathy in all your interactions.
  • Cultivate Lasting Fulfillment: Experience the profound joy and satisfaction that comes from living authentically, healing past  healing past wounds, and fostering genuine connections rooted in mutual respect, trust, and understanding.
  • Rebuild Trust: Learn essential strategies to rebuild trust in yourself and others, restoring faith in your own instincts and creating a solid foundation for healthy, authentic relationships.
  • Foster Deeper Emotional Intimacy: Discover the keys to nurturing emotional intimacy, creating a safe space for vulnerability and connection where you can authentically share your thoughts, feelings, and desires with your partner.

Here's What You Get:

  • 2 Masterclasses Every Month on Thursdays @ 8:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM CT/ 6:00 PM MT / 5:00 PM PT 
  • Immediate on-demand access to the student library with over 40+ hours of classes on healing trauma, setting boundaries, and healthy relationships
  • A safe and supportive online community
  • Invites to bonus live group coaching session 
  • BONUS: Discover Your Painful Relationships Patterns + Why They Feel Hard to Change
  • BONUS: Learn Why You Are Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Partners
  • BONUS: Get to The Root of Feeling Stuck, Unworthy, and Overwhelmed
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Get to Know me!  I’m so excited to meet you.

My name is Cerita Yvonne. I’m a relationship trauma therapist, teacher, coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and hypnotherapist. I’m also a recovered codependent love addict, perfectionist, sexual abuse survivor, and retired superwoman transformed into a Worthe Woman. For too long I wore a cape that I inherited from strong women who were secretly heartbroken because they didn't know how to be loved. They have relationship skills because they were numb and avoided their emotions at all costs. And it costs them everything. 

I created Worthe Relationships because I know that so many superwomen are struggling with the same dis-ease of disappointment, loneliness, and perfectly hidden depression while pretending to be strong. It doesn’t have to be this way, I can’t wait to teach you how to rebuild your relationship with yourself and your limits. You can drop the mask and reclaim your joy and happiness. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Always in love,



Save me a seat sis!


This group is a safe space for BLACK WOMEN and ALL WOMEN HEALING TRAUMA.


Here’s where shit’s gonna get real. We discuss relationships and race because it’s all related to our trauma and identity. We will NOT explain, diminish, pretend or silence ourselves to make anyone else comfortable. We are not here to teach how we’ve been impacted by racism. If you prefer denial or compliant Black folk, this is NOT the group for you.

Together we can change our world and dismantle The Patriarchy. 

Our Community Is Perfect For You If…

 You want real tools to create healthy relationships so you can a  better parent, partner, and person.
 You want to be apart of a community of dope ass women who are serious about loving and supporting one another
 You want to learn how to become an effective communicator and practice vulnerability
 You want to become more emotionally intelligent 
 You’re a martyr, superwoman, or fixer and you’re ready to retire and enjoy your relationships
 You want to create, attract, or maintain healthy and loving relationships
 You want to leave a legacy of love


Our Community is NOT for you if…

 You can’t understand why ALL women need a SAFE space to heal and you are committed to respecting our boundaries
 You don’t understand how racism impacts our lives, relationships, and identity
 You hate cussin’ or people being authentically human
 You’re looking for Duct Tape, Band-aids, and Bungee cords to solve your problems
 You’re judgmental, shaming, and dismissive and you already know everything
 You believe people should pray away their trauma
You believe everyone else needs to change in order for you to be happy 
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